in Frisco Square

Making Family Memories

We all have our own memories in mind when it comes to celebrating the Christmas season. Whether it’s a family tradition or a family holiday recipe, we hold these memories close to our hearts. This time of year, we all, for at least a little while, become kids again at heart.

Christmas in Frisco Square is sure to bring out a lot of those Christmas memories. Starting on November 25th, and lasting nightly through January 1st, the heart of Frisco Square area is transformed into a Christmas wonderland! With over 675,000 visitors last year, Christmas in the Square is one of the largest community events in North Texas.

There are attractions for everyone to enjoy, from Skate the Square, Parachuting Santa, horse-drawn carriage rides, snow play areas, a 4 lane inner-tubing snow slide and much more.

The Square is lit up each night with over 175,000 lights, to create a one-of-a-kind computerized light show. Visitors can either drive through with their cars, or walk through the streets to enjoy this wonderful display.

If you want to bring out that kid in you again, or watch your own children and grandchildren’s faces light up, Christmas in the Square is an attraction you don’t want to miss.