2016 NY Fashion Show Trends

Show Up In Style To Holiday Parties


The second trend seen on the runway was shades of pink and yellow. Who says you have to put away those pastel colors after Easter?  These could be dresses, skirts, or blouses and pants. Brighten your Fall days away.

The third trend showcased were pantsuits. Now, we aren’t talking about your boring, drab pantsuit. This is all about comfort meets style. When you pair these up with the perfect accessories, you will be a showstopper at any party.

Another fall fashion piece this year is wearing gold metallics. This isn’t suggesting to pull out shiny metallic M.C Hammer pants. This is more about dresses, or cute free flowing blouses that make a statement piece. This trend is asking to be a bit bolder, but give it a go!

And lastly, we can’t forget accessories to go along with our out on the town looks. This fall, the trending accessory piece winner was…the choker. Put away those layered necklaces ladies, and get closer.

New York Fashion Show 2016 is in the books, and it did not disappoint. Now go play dress up for those holiday parties that await!