Frisco Boom 6

The $5 Billion Dollar Mile

The summer July firework displays may be completed, but Frisco Texas continues to BOOM! Frisco, Texas is one of the fastest growing communities in Texas. Nestled between both Denton and Collin counties, Frisco is located 25 minutes north of Dallas and the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Frisco is quickly being recognized as the most sought after cities in the United States. It is known for its family-oriented communities with esteemed schools, beautiful neighborhoods with sprawling homes, people from everywhere around the US continue to migrate towards. The population has grown considerably year after year, making it one of the fastest growing cities in the United States to date.

Frisco has some of the most sought after housing in the DFW area. With homes averaging between $250,000- million dollar homes, you will find amenities fit for a king. Whether it is community resort-like pools and outdoor escapes, lush, green golf courses, or winding bike/jogging trails to use for fitness purposes, you won’t have to step too far from home to be accommodated.

Many businesses are relocating their headquarters such as, California’s prominent, Jamba Juice. Frisco will also soon be the home of the only 5 Billion Mile. Within a miles radius, stretching along the Dallas North Tollway and Warren Parkway to the North side of Lebanon Road, The 5 Billion Mile will have 4 different mixed-use developments, worth more than $5 billion in capital investment. These include the much anticipated retail/business space Wade Park that will include an I-Pic Theatre, Pinstripes Bowling, Hotel ZaZa, just to name a few. The Gate will be a large development holding hotels, business offices as well as retail space. Frisco Station will also hold retail and business space alongside residential units and restaurants. And last, but certainly not least…

Are you ready to be “star struck”, Frisco? The Dallas Cowboys have arrived to Frisco! That’s right; the fifth development to make up the 5 Billion Mile will be the newly built 435,000 square foot extravagant facility, The Star. This is home to the Dallas Cowboys business headquarters as well as their training facilities. And it doesn’t stop there. There will be no shortage of shopping, restaurants and other recreation spaces within The Star. It is located off of the North Dallas Tollway and Gaylord Parkway. Frisco Life was invited to attend The Star’s ribbon cutting Grand Opening event. The goal of The Star is to not only make this home of The Cowboys training, but have this facility be used and enjoyed by the entire community. There will be numerous High School football games played at The Star as well as other events. On opening weekend in fact, 4 High School games were held at a successful opening night. We can’t wait to see all of the Frisco stars shine!

It will be exciting to watch as Frisco continues to grow and keep this city a 5 Star – (People, Family, Business, Faith and Community) city.