Dan Hunt 1

FC Dallas and Beyond

If you live in Frisco, chances are, you have had the pleasure of enjoying an FC Dallas game at Toyota Stadium. If not, or you are just in for a visit, you won’t be disappointed in this experience. We all know that behind every great success, are great people. Frisco’s Dan Hunt is one of them. He is partnered with his brother, Clark Hunt, (who also happens to be the owner of the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs), in ownership of FC Dallas. Dan is involved with anything FC Dallas related, be it, negotiating player’s contracts to assisting with marketing ticket sales. Dan has an everyday presence at FC Dallas and is a driving force to its success.

Along with the wild success of FC Dallas, Dan Hunt is also a prominent player in the City of Frisco. He owns a Oil & Gas Company in Frisco Square, he holds a direct partnership with Frisco ISD that allows the Frisco high schools to hold their football games in Toyota Stadium. He is also responsible for the National Soccer League (NSL) Hall of Fame being brought to the FC Dallas venue soon. Dan explained, they plan to have an induction ceremony, a concert and FC Dallas game occurring during the Grand Opening of the NSL Hall of Fame. He expects the economic impact to double with this great addition. Wherever you may find him, Dan is a busy leader in our great city.

Dan and his brother Clark were both soccer players in their youth. They became so active in the sport, that their parents would drive them across the country to participate in games. Moving closer to current times, Dan and Clark’s Father saw a newspaper article in a Dallas publication, regarding the Rough Riders coming to Frisco. Upon reading that article, they all went to meet with the powers at be, did some negotiating, and just like that, FC Dallas was born! FC Dallas games are played in the nation’s 3rd soccer specific stadium, Toyota Stadium. You can also enjoy a variety of concerts and other events there throughout the year.

Dan resides in Frisco and is married to his wife, Toni and they are proud parents to their 14 month old daughter, Darlington. They arrived at that name due to both Dan and Toni’s name being found in their daughter’s name. (clever, right?).

Dan shared with me that he and his brother’s mother, Norma, happens to be an avid FC Dallas fan herself. A fun fact about Mrs. Hunt is she has attended every Super Bowl game to date. Now that is impressive!

When you are enjoying an FC Dallas game, a concert, or even a Frisco High School football game at Toyota Stadium, the driving force behind it is the Hunt family. The city of Frisco is excited to see what the future holds with the addition of the NSL Hall of Fame as well as the continued commitment that Dan Hunt and family have in Frisco. The sky is the limit with this family.